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Recent Mozilla Adventures

Several interesting issues I’ve encountered while developing the PlainOldFavorties extension:

  • Mozilla cannot correctly handle filenames that contain Unicode characters (on Windows). See bug 162361 for more details.

    Unicode issues seem to haunt many products and frameworks, and as I found out, Mozilla is no exception. If this is issue is important to you (and if you are located in a non-English environment, it should be), please vote for this bug, provide some useful feedback or even consider contributing some code for solving the problem.
  • I found no way to sort an XPCOM array (nsIMutableArray) from JavaScript. I’ve solved this issue by first creating a regular JavaScript array (Array class). Once I’ve added all the wanted elements to the JavaScript array, I called its ‘sort’ method and then added the elements in their sorted order to the nsIMutableArray. If anyone knows a better way to do this, please let me know. Otherwise, I believe that the interface should be expanded to allow this important functionality.

One Response to “Recent Mozilla Adventures”

  1. Brian Parker Says:

    I am living in japan and using your plain old favoriutes plugin. All links that contain any kanji just appear as question marks in firefox, using my win2000 pc at work.
    On my windowsXP pc at home, some of the kanji appears ok and hiragana (specifically japanese alphabet)is fine but on some of the links kanji appears, but it is gobbledygook (random meaningless kanji).