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“Hacking Firefox” Book

Hacking Firefox

Yesterday I received my Author’s copy of the new “Hacking Firefox” book published by Wiley. The book was written by Mel Reyes and several contributing writers. It has tons of useful information, hacks, tips and tricks on just about every aspect of Firefox.

I wrote the chapters on Mozilla Programming and specifically on Firefox Extension Programming. I worked very hard on making the material both easy to follow and comprehensive. If you are interested in creating Firefox extensions, the book should provide you with everything you’ll need – starting with basic understanding of the technologies and all the way to writing your own extensions, packaging them and deploying them on the Internet.

Now, when a friend asks me something like “What is this XUL thing I’ve been hearing about?” or “Where should I start if I want to hack something for Firefox?” I can just hand him a copy of this book, instead of pointing him to various bits of information scattered around the Web :)

More information about the book can be found on my Hacking Firefox page.

The sample extension we create in the book and its full source code can be found on the SiteLeds Extension page.

3 Responses to ““Hacking Firefox” Book”

  1. Jed Says:

    Congrats man!!

  2. Juan Pablo Chaclan Says:

    Very interesting book… I will try to get it.

  3. Michael Donn Says:

    I would be very grateful for an extention to Firefox that would open up the results of a search plugin in a new tab, rather than the same one. I confess with shame that I am unable to make such an extention myself.