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Plain Old Favorites

I’ve created a new extension that integrates the Internet Explorer and Windows ‘Favorites’ with Firefox. Its name is ‘PlainOldFavorites’. The home page for the new extension contains more information.

I’ll quote the extension home page to explain what it does and why I created it:

Firefox has a great Bookmarks system. It has many wonderful and useful features, and the bookmarks can be exported and imported from many bookmark formats. There are even several extensions out there that allow you to synchronize your bookmarks with a remote server, the Windows Favorites folder and so on. Some users still wish to keep some or all their bookmarks in the Windows Favorites folder. There can be several reasons for this. First, some new Firefox users might find the transition to Firefox smoother if they can still use their familiar Favorites folder. Also, a link to the Favorites folder can be found in several places throughout Windows, which makes it a convenient option for storing links. PlainOldFavorites allows using the Favorites folder directly from Firefox without needing to import or synchronize the bookmarks first.

6 Responses to “Plain Old Favorites”

  1. Alan Howshall Says:

    Recent come across and installed your extension, using it to help move my team across to Firefox as their default browser.

    While this might be considered ‘Backwards’ what do you think about the idea of adding a right-click context option to ‘Add to Favourites’ from within Firefox so that you actually keep all your bookmarks as favourites.

    While Firefox’s Live Bookmark’s etc are great features there’s a lot of people that would rather be able to just have a single joint bookmark folder, and re-using IE Favourites seems like one reasonably sensible option.

    Would suggest this as a seperate extention as I don’t want to encourage everyone not to move their bookmarks on into Firefox, but presume this wouldn’t be a great deal of work to do?

    At least it never is when you’re asking someone else to put the effort in 😉


  2. ArtD0dger Says:

    Alex – I see you’ve added the illegal filename character stripper during ‘Add to favorites’ in version 0.5.4. Thanks a ton!!!

    This is truly a great extension.

  3. Abraxias Says:

    this is the 1st & only extension I’m using for Firefox!

    it’s what I’ve been looking for!

    I’m using Firefox more because of PlainOldFavorites!

    can you make a version for Opera, please?

  4. Brian Says:

    Great extension. I use it with menu editor which helps easily remove the bookmarks menu and the “add to bookmarks” option on the right click menu. Thanks! Foxytunes is also fantastic.

  5. Bounty Says:

    Exciting AddOn!
    And now, can I assign optional folder into top like ‘LinksFolder’ of InternetExplorer?

  6. Uwe Says:

    Wonderfull addon! Please write it also for Opera!