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Cool Flickriver video tutorial

Just found this cool Flickriver video tutorial:

Thanks, gfurry! :)

3 Responses to “Cool Flickriver video tutorial”

  1. Rosanne Cleveland-King Says:

    Hello Alex:
    I just wanted to drop by and say thank you for the Flickriver web site. It is awesome and seeing photos on black is the best way to view them. I fell into Flickr by way of a friend, and it is just a secondary site for me, but a great way to share with friends. Now I have your site, which is just terrific.


  2. Joel P Says:

    I too love flickriver, but is there anyway to make the photos larger?

  3. Jason corneveaux Says:

    Hi Alex,

    Dude, Flickriver is so awesome!! I have been messing around with my own website and see you have a method to embed the river … However, the embedded form only displays super small pictures. Is there a way to get larger sizes to display? Just like they do on the main page?