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A young Freddie?

I heard a new song on the radio and for a second there it sounded like Freddie Mercury is a alive…

A short search revealed Mika – a young British artist with a pretty impressive voice


Mica Penniman (born 18 August 1983), also known as Mika (IPA [ˈmikə]), is a Lebanon-born, London-based singer who has a recording contract with Casablanca Records and Universal Music. Some sources note his birth name as Michael Holbrook Penniman. more…

Mika – Grace Kelly

[via FoxyTunes / Mika]

One Response to “A young Freddie?”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    heyy mika! w/ u, man? heyy, i was just wondering…since u have a myspace, would u happen to have an AIM? just wondering….!!! email me back, i wanna kno! see ya!