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Future of Web Apps presentations online

Future of Web AppsI missed the Future of Web Apps conference this year – looks like it was a great event.

The good news is that the conference presentations are now available online – along with mp3 files of each presentation. You can read and hear some great presentations by Mike Arrington (Techcrunch), Matthew Ogle, Anil Bawa Cavia (, Kevin Rose (Digg), Tara Hunt (Citizen Agency) and others.

The FoxyTunes “Web Media” feature came in handy here – after opening a presentation PDF, I right-clicked on the page and under the “Web Media” sub-menu were all the presentation mp3s found on that page, which allowed me to quickly send any one of them (or all of them) to my iTunes.

FoxyTunes Web Media

via Go2web2

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  1. pranay Says:

    boss, salute to you for a fantastic firefox plug in… :)

    thanks a lot..